Take a Trip into 2020

Sharing memories of a great year or waving goodbye to something or someone you are ready to leave behind, making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, anticipation, culmination of the christmas break before returning to your desk… Whatever the case, bring … Read More

Sugar Vs Sweetner

No added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, sugar free or diet friendly, but what does this all mean? What is the difference? Which is healthiest? Which is the safest?


The term natural is confusing when … Read More

Trick or Treat?

Autumn is arriving, the clocks are soon to go back and the nights are drawing in but it is not all darkness and gloom because Halloween is on its way! This folkloric festival invites us to frighten … Read More

Whet Your Appetite with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne

La Belle Assiette are delighted to present to you the opportunity to tantalise your tastebuds with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne. As a brand, Nicolas Feuillatte prides themselves on ‘celebrating the good times with emotion and intensity’ and ‘creating precious … Read More

Summer is coming…

What is the first sign of summer for you? Perhaps the long, mild evenings, the sound of birds singing in the trees, or the day when you finally put your winter coat away in the wardrobe and leave it … Read More

New trend alert: Edible straws

Plastic straws have been an integral part of our daily life for years. For some people, they bring back all kinds of memories, for others they’re simply a must-have for a mojito. In any case, we have all … Read More

Why you should consider serving bowl food at your next event

Perhaps you’ve seen the thousands of beautifully presented açai, poké and buddha bowls whilst scrolling through Instagram, or maybe you only came across the concept of bowl food after hearing that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted to … Read More

Veganuary: what is it and should you try it?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll be aware that veganism is in the middle of a major renaissance. With vegan diets being endorsed by celebrities, supermarket chains releasing vegan ranges and restaurants launching vegan menus you’ll have … Read More

New Year’s Eve Around the World

Around the world, friends and family come together over delicious food and drink to celebrate the New Year ahead. However, some cultural traditions stretch a bit further than the fireworks, kissing and toasts that we are accustomed to.

Italy – … Read More

27 Sep '18

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Seasonal foods in Autumn

The changing of the weather greatly affects the food industry. Plants have adapted to grow in certain conditions, meaning their harvest times are best at certain times of the year. Our chefs have been busy preparing for autumn by … Read More