4 Reasons Why the Dining Table Will Always Be Important

The dining table has long been one of the most important features of the home, but as our dining habits have changed over the years have we fallen out of love with it? A recent study conducted by Furniture … Read More

08 Feb '18

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How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day menu

Gloomy January is behind us and love is in the air – so how do you go about whipping up the most romantic of dishes to celebrate? There are a few things you can think about before it’s time … Read More

22 Jan '18

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How to have a stress-free dinner party

Planning a party ahead of time can make things feel a little bit more at ease on the night, not to mention make your life as host simpler in the days leading up to it. In addition to stocking up … Read More

16 Jan '18

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2017: An incredible year for La Belle Assiette

  1. A community of over 800 chefs

We have come a long way since the subscription of our first chefs: in December 2017, we exceeded the milestone of 800 chefs subscribed! Our community of chefs, … Read More

28 Nov '17

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Why you should hire a private chef for Christmas

Around 70% of Brits admit to spending five or more hours preparing Christmas dinner, which can compound stress that already accompanies things such as present shopping, cleaning and decorating, and general organising. The festive period is often a busy … Read More

06 Oct '17

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What should you cook for Halloween?

We’ve rounded up some easy and tasty ideas to serve guests this Halloween, from appetisers through to mains and desserts. But don’t worry – these might look scary, but these treats taste anything but!


Whether you want … Read More

16 Jun '17

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Edible table decoration – how to make your table dressings taste as good as they look!

Setting the scene for your dinner party can help you and your guests get into the mood, and what better way to do so than with edible table decoration?

Centrepieces, candles and tablecloths are nice, but why not go … Read More

15 Jun '17

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Social media and food – how digital technology is transforming the food industry

Mealtimes have long been social occasions, and now in 2017, it seems they are social media occasions too.  

The advancement of mobile technology means we are rarely without an opportunity to snap and share our food online, and … Read More

14 Jun '17

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Entertain in style with unusual summer barbecues

When the warm weather arrives and the summer social season is upon us, it’s natural to gravitate towards planning plenty of summer barbecues!

While sizzling BBQs may conjure images of meat, there’s actually much more that can be … Read More

12 Jun '17

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A hen do with a private chef: testimony from Ceri

Each month, we find customers who have booked a chef for a special occasion and ask them about their experience with La Belle Assiette. Today, it’s a story from Ceri who booked a private chef for her friend’s hen do. The … Read More