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03 May '17

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What’s new for chefs? – Multiple photos for each menu!

Photos make the difference. Your menu can sound amazing, but without excellent photos, people won’t be drawn in. Statistically, a great photo leads to more bookings. Now you can add many photos to each menu, to really show why … Read More

28 Aug '14


The Private Chef Guide – 10 essential points to present attractive menus

Dear Chefs, after offering an in-depth explanation on the best practices for a successful La Belle Assiette profile, the team will today complement the Private Chef Guide with this new article which presents the essential rules to … Read More

28 Aug '14

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[The Private Chef Guide] Best practices for a successful profile

Dear Chefs, this is a post that we might call a “special edition” for the Private Chef Guide. It will simply aim to assist you in creating or editing your La Belle Assiette profile to achieve optimal aesthetic and … Read More