November 8, 2019

Bowls of Goodness

There is certainly something satisfying about a big bowl of food. Filled to the brim with goodness and tailored to your tastebuds, ingredients chosen by you to put a unique spin on a traditional bowl, there are no rules! Here we share our tips to create the best bowls of goodness.

Buddha Bowl

Served cold and typically vegan, this bowl of goodness contains whatever you fancy! This is your chance to try a new meat substitute and complete your 5 a day. Add whole grains for slow energy release. Spiralise vegetables or finely chop for an explosion of textures with every bite. But, PLEASE, do not mix this all up like a regular salad, the beauty of this bowl is in the presentation. If you don’t take a photo did you even eat it?

Poké Bowl

Bring Hawaii to your home with these aesthetically pleasing and delicious bowls. Start with a base of rice, quinoa or leaves. Add in the main component of raw fish marinated with a little soya sauce or sesame oil. Then, fill with vegetables, seaweed salad and edamame go down a treat. Poké is traditionally topped with tonnes of sesame seeds and crispy onions for a little crunch.


This Japanese bowl is sure to warm you up. The broth is filled with hearty vegetables and noodles flavoured by miso or soya sauce. Add chilli to kick your winter cold and even a boiled egg for some protein. Noodles are a necessity here, udon are the standard choice but, rice noodles work well too. Don’t forget the spring onion!

Alternatively, you can book one of our highly experienced chefs to create the perfect bowl for your next event here.

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