August 28, 2014

[The Private Chef Guide] Best practices for a successful profile

Today, the La Belle Assiette team offers some tips to optimize your profile and make it more attractive!

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Dear Chefs, this is a post that we might call a “special edition” for the Private Chef Guide. It will simply aim to assist you in creating or editing your La Belle Assiette profile to achieve optimal aesthetic and clear results.
The importance of a complete and aesthetically pleasing profile is not to be neglected to encourage bookings. So here are some tips to follow to succeed with yours.


  • Let’s start with the “cover photo”

This large photo at the top of your profile should be representative of your culinary world. This must necessarily be a dish, and the picture should be of good quality and displayed on the entire width of the page. The dish does not necessarily have to be alone, you can include yourself as a Chef in the background, but it must nonetheless be the main element of the photo.
Here is a good example is the “cover photo” by Chef Olivier Valenting. Good quality, tasty, simple and uncluttered.

To avoid: photos that are too dark, of poor quality or not highlighting a dish.


  • Profile photo

This smaller picture, presented in a circle must make your face clear. The ideal is to showcase yourself in a uniform, and preferably on a plain background. Choose a clear photo, and show your best smile!

Some good examples: Smile and professionalism displayed by Chefs Mickaël Houx, Stéphanie Hysbergue and Sébastien Cosnard.

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To avoid: Photos where you are dressed casually (cuisine jacket is strongly recommended), or where your face is fully or partially hidden.



  • Gallery

The gallery aims to illustrate your skills and your talent. It must contain the best possible photos of your creations, ideally 10 to 15. However, it is better to reduce the number of photos to present a selection of quality rather than presenting needless pictures.
A good example is the gallery of Chef Olivier Chapuis.


Avoid: photos of poor quality or in short supply.

In general, be aware that the visuals on your page are very important to the customer. Photos are determining factors when choosing Chefs for bookings. They are not to be neglected. It is also for this reason, among others, that your registration on La Belle Assiette Dinner Validation is proposed. This allows us to bring in a professional photographer to the dinner to take many shots that will enhance your profile.



  • The biography

The biography should ideally be of a length of 150 to 200 words. It must present your background, your experience and your passion. Then you are free to create the originality that makes the difference! Beware though, it is imperative that it be written in the third person!
A good example: The biography of Chef Fabrice Bloch

Fabrice loves inventing and communicating with clients, as much as being in the kitchen. The kitchen is one the first passions of his adolescence. It started with the A to Z realisation of a beautiful king cake, and the magic of watching a puff pastry made with his own two hands come to life in the oven. Today, Fabrice is passionate about products and takes pleasure in antiquing (we can say that!) the best ingredients available to providing his customers with a leitmotif surprise through the alliance of flavours, while still preserving the basic tastes! Creator of the “Dîners Nomades” (the first meal events on the concept of clandestine dinners made in France), CPC instructor in cooking, Chef in a cooking show for children (Un Chef à ma Porte – Gulli) and co-founder of the culinary magazine 180°C – Des Recettes et Des Hommes, “publishing phenomenon of 2013″. His cooking is bright, up to date with the market and the season, lightly based on Asian and Italian cuisine, gourmand, and in the spirit of Bistronomie.”
To avoid: The use of the first person, and biographies that are too vague, too long or too philosophical!


  • Questions

The questions allow the customer to learn a little more about you outside of the biography. Take your time to answer at least three of them to complete your profile. For each question, take the time to quickly explain your answer. Knowing that Alain Ducasse is the Chef that you admire the most is pretty interesting. Knowing why you like him is even more interesting!

This is essentially the preparation of your profile. To complete this section, a second post will be written about the menus. Naming the dishes, tiered pricing, choice of menu templates… Numerous recommendations will be available.


See you soon!

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