May 15, 2015

April press review

The latest mentions of La Belle Assiette in the press.

press review

In April La Belle Assiette generated quite a buzz in the blogosphere, with reviews popping up all over the place, from lifestyle blogs to techie outlets. We’re delighted to share these with you in this round-up.


London on the Inside: WIN A COFFEE & DINE EXPERIENCE

We were pleased to be mentioned by London on the Inside along with a promotion of our competition in partnership with Bonaverde, offering one lucky winner a coffee and dine experience. The blog notes that we are part of a trend of hiring private chefs for dinner parties. The blog says that “La Belle Assiette provides that experience giving you access to all manner of quality chefs, helping you rediscover the pleasure of entertaining at home.”


Chili Jam: Our private dining experience

Blogger Darren Sharp wanted to do something really special to mark his first wedding anniversary, and what could be better than to invite loved ones to enjoy an intimate dinner at home, without “doing all the hard graft”. Darren wanted to enjoy the evening without worrying about a thing: “it was just nice to kick back and be waited upon.” Before the big day Darren chatted with chef Jacqueline Wise and they hit it off straight away, chatting about food before finally getting down to the menu. Darren was bowled over by the quality of Jacqueline’s cooking and at how reasonable hiring a La Belle Assiette chef was: “The food both looked and tasted like I had paid three times over what I did.”


Chili Jam enjoyed a seven-course tasting menu by chef Jacqueline Wise.

Chili Jam enjoyed a seven-course tasting menu by chef Jacqueline Wise.


Living in London: La Belle Assiette! A chef in your own kitchen…

Living in London reports that La Belle Assiette makes it super easy to book a tailor-made experience that lets you enjoy a fabulous dinner without the shopping, tidying up, or “even the noisy atmosphere of a restaurant”. The blog brims with praise for chef Daniel Salvador who “took very good care of us, staying away from the table but at the same time introducing his menu step by step.”


London Unattached: No Fuss Entertaining at Home – La Belle Assiette

As host, Fiona was initially a little nervous about whether her “quirky kitchen” would be a suitable environment for a professional chef. But she was pleased to see chef César take everything in his stride. “I was impressed. He really didn’t seem to have any problems with my odd assortment of pots and pans”. Having a pro in her own kitchen showed Fiona what was possible with the equipment she has. Fiona enjoyed having guests in her own home while being free from worrying about the food and the cleaning up, with César even offering to mop the floor afterwards! “And of course the great thing about eating at home is that you don’t have taxi fares to pay or corkage on your wine.”


The Elixir Fix: La Belle Assiette

The Elixir Fix was especially enamoured by how La Belle Assiette allows you to enjoy good food with your guests, without slaving away in the kitchen. “I can highly recommend getting your friends together and letting LBA do the hard work. The best part about having them in on the action is that it allows for you, as the host, to be able to relax and enjoy the evening rather than coordinating when to put the next course in the oven.”


The Elixir Fix enjoyed a four-course meal courtesy of Scrum Foods and La Belle Assiette.

The Elixir Fix enjoyed a four-course meal courtesy of Scrum Foods and La Belle Assiette.


Luxury Columnist: Your Personal Private Chef with La Belle Assiette

“Up to now having your own personal private chef has been the preserve of a select few… La Belle Assiette aims to change all that, making it far more accessible to all.” Suze from Luxury Columnist was particularly impressed by how La Belle Assiette democratises private chef dining and makes it possible for more people to enjoy the experience. Suze notes that if your kitchen is very small or if you lack cooking equipment, the chef can prepare most of the meal beforehand.


Fuss Free Flavours: La Belle Assiette – Fuss-Free Delicious Dining At Home

Helen from Fuss Free Flavours enjoyed the entire “splendid” La Belle Assiette experience: “great food, convivial company, without any of the niggles and annoyances of going out to eat.” She found the interaction with César particularly delightful as he shared his tips and was happy to answer questions.


Haggerston Times: Food StartUp School at WeWork: Raising the bar!

The Haggerston Times reports that, along with all the great talks at the Food StartUp School,  the food was “awesome”. “Special mention must go to the canapes, which it turns out, you can order to be made in your kitchen at dinner parties and served by the chefs of La Belle Assiette.”


Canapés at the Food StartUp School provided by La Belle Assiette.

Canapés at the Food StartUp School provided by La Belle Assiette.


Le Petit Journal: LA BELLE ASSIETTE – Quand de grands chefs cuisinent chez vous ! (French)

While La Belle Assiette offers a great experience for diners, it also lets more chefs enjoy the benefits of cooking in people’s homes. Chefs are “no longer hidden away from guests in the kitchen. Here they can have an entrepreneurial experience in direct contact with their customers. This is a private kitchen, where they can unleash their creativity. The customer can see the chef work and even talk with them.” The blog is also impressed by how chefs go through a validation process to receive the La Belle Assiette “Validated by the Jury” badge of pride.


Lost and Found in London: Oh la Belle Assiette (French)

Lost and Found in London describes how chef Daniel Salvador arrived two hours before the meal to begin preparations, leaving plenty of time for the host to get ready for their guests, or even to catch up with a favourite TV show. Not only that, but Daniel “left the kitchen even cleaner than when he arrived. It’s simple, practical, and stress free.”


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