October 19, 2016

8 of our favourite menus from the team at La Belle Assiette

We asked the team which menu was their favourite and why, here are the top 8!

La Belle Assiette team

If you work for La Belle Assiette you’re often asked “how often do you try the chefs food”, quite often actually! Evenings at the office, family celebrations, validation dinners, press events and more! Each time seems to be better than the last but we all have particularly fond memories of one menu.

I asked the UK team which menu would they recommend without hesitation, here’s what they said:

Sam KopelmanSam

Dinner Party by chef Alec Tomasso

“It’s the perfect menu: taste, value, elegant. A successful evening guaranteed! “

Gianluca BucchiGianluca

Sfoglia Bolognese by chef Gio Renzo Fioarso

“Three difference pasta dishes executed to perfection by a true Italian chef”

Ashley CarmichaelAshley

Foie Gras and Truffles by chef Philippa Denton

“Two of my favourite ingredients, a pure luxury for me”

Millie AshbeeMillie

I’m Game if You’re Game by chef Christopher White

“It’s tough to pick a favourite but these flavours are perfect for the season. All Chris’ food is heavenly!”

Bertrand NzabandoraBertrand

A Colourful Meal by Norbert Klosowski

“Modern classics made special with Norbert’s culinary touches, a real crowd pleaser”

Franck MithieuxFranck

Elegant Dinner Party by chef Halima Ferreira

“I tried Halima’s food at London’s Longest Dinner Party last week, I was blown away with the flavours she used. You won’t be disappointed if you book her!”

Oliver Gladen Oliver

5 course menu by chef Daniel Jack

“Bold flavours, twisting modern dishes to create a really memorable meal. The lemon and basil tart to finish is excellent!”

Stephen Leguillon Stephen

From Paris to Tokyo by chef Philippe Roth

“Philippe combines two of my favourite cuisines effortlessly, it really is impressive”

La Belle Assiette team

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