September 15, 2016

The 6 values ​​of La Belle Assiette

At the heart of La Belle Assiette are our values, they make up the company culture. We recently defined 6 values that sum up the company spirit.

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Recently our CEO wrote about our adventure so far and the long road to building the company we have today.

The hard working ethic at La Belle Assiette is down to the team and the culture. The culture has been developed by our co-founders Giorgio and Stephen with the help of the team. A growing team (welcoming nearly 20 new members over the last two years), has meant it is important to properly define the culture so that it is aligned with the company and sustains long term success for all. These values have and will become a framework, an internal lifestyle that our brand is built around.

Between October 2015 and March 2016, the team has thought long and hard and followed a process to identify the six key values of our company, those that we will follow to achieve our vision.

Here they are:

build trust

Build Trust
Trust is the basis of every relationship. We build up the confidence and trust of our customers by consistently delivering excellent work. This is also enforced through complete transparency, open communication and strong integrity. Trust allows us to make decisions independently, without having to validate them.

start by doing

Start by Doing
Thinking and doing are two very different things. We believe ‘being done’ is better than ‘being perfect’. Success comes to those who do rather than those who think. We do and we finish what we start. It is essential to be agile, flexible and prepared to abandon anything that doesn’t work.

require excellence

Require Excellence
Excellence is about performance, not perfection. We work hard and strive for outstanding performance. Expect this from those that surround you. We don’t just do what is asked of us, we go above and beyond to deliver the extraordinary. For our customers, our partners, and our colleagues, we are prepared to take this step further to make their lives even more beautiful and hassle-free.

take food seriously

Take Food Seriously
We appreciate food and have enormous respect for it. We talk about it all day and never tire of it. It’s our common denominator. We believe food provides wonderful experiences, shared moments and strong emotions. We are not elitist when it comes to food, we all appreciate a good kebab.

spread infectious enthusiasm la belle assiette

Spread Infectious Enthusiasm
We remain optimistic when faced with challenges, and we always share our wins. We have a common goal and so we celebrate each others’ victories, large or small. Each individual should be a source of motivation, something we expect from our partners too. And with our customers, we make sure that every point of contact gives them a reason to smile, laugh, and be happy.

be a family

Be A Family
We’re a family, act as such and are proud of each other. We show kindness and attention. We support other and are always there to help. Like a family, we question certain decisions and give our honest opinion, while always being involved and respectful. The chefs, caterers, investors, customers and the brands that work with us are all part of our family.

To learn more about why these values were created and the process we went through to create them and how we use them every day you can read the full article here. Get a cup of tea and have a read!

We’d love to know what you think, so please share your thoughts with us. If you have any questions, we’d love to chat!

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