March 6, 2015

500 chefs are now online on La Belle Assiette!

Today we celebrate a shared success with a very large community - 500 chefs are now online on our platform!

500 chefs

The La Belle Assiette team is over the moon to announce we have reached the 500 chefs milestone. This community, currently spread over five countries, grows little by little every day thanks to the intense efforts of the team. We aim to offer an ever more complete and varied service, promising new delicious experiences everywhere.

This proud achievement highlights the success of our collaboration with over 500 talented individuals. In just one year we have more than doubled the number of chefs on our books, from 230 to this great number.

In a somewhat difficult economic climate, La Belle Assiette aims to grow the home chef market by offering a recognisable and accessible service which values quality above everything else. We provide an exciting new way to eat and entertain at home. At the same time, we want to make it as easy as possible for chefs to manage their work by providing a powerful tool that puts everything at their fingertips. Our team is on hand to help chefs develop menus and manage bookings, and to provide advice on the administrative side of their business.

As you can see, the benefit of this collaboration is twofold since we provide a new and helpful service for the home chef profession, while enabling the La Belle Assiette community to enjoy special culinary experiences at home. All in all, a great achievement, emphasised by this milestone.

500 chefs, 500 opportunities for delicious experiences. See all our chefs here!

Here is a little team photo to mark the occasion!

500 chefs


Our success was picked up by Rude Baguette

Thanks so much for supporting us!

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