July 1, 2015

5 reasons why parents love La Belle Assiette

When you’ve got a rowdy brood of kids, going out for a meal together can be more stress than it’s worth. We’ve got the answer!

Sharing a delicious meal with your children is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, here at La Belle Assiette we understand that sometimes going out to eat with your kids can be more hassle than it’s worth. Here are five reasons that parents love our private chef services.

kids menus

1 – Eating out can prove super stressful for parents who have to not only make sure that their child doesn’t cover themselves head-to-toe in spaghetti, but that other diners aren’t annoyed by the inevitable noise and craziness that comes with being around children. Instead, enjoy a lovely chef-cooked meal from the comfort of home where your kids can be kids, without the disapproving looks.

2 – Your kids will be so excited to have a professional chef in their very own kitchen who will happily answer all their questions about what they’re cooking. Perfect if you’ve got an aspiring chef in the house!

3 – Kids can often be fussy eaters, from not liking vegetables, to only eating white food… yes we’ve heard of that one! Whatever your needs, your chef will be glad to work out everything with you before the meal so that everyone will love what’s on their plate, even the fussiest of eaters.

4 – If you usually hire a babysitter when you go out for a meal because you just can’t face the thought of your two-year-old screaming through the entire evening, now you can spend that money on a lovely bottle of wine to accompany your meal instead. Your kids can be tucked up in bed upstairs while you enjoy your romantic meal at home.

5 – Kids menus on La Belle Assiette make it easy to book a meal that will appeal to your little ones. From hamburgers to cute finger-size bites, we’ve got menus that your kids will love. 




A few examples of delicious kids menus:

Starter – Sea bream ceviche
Main dish – Roasted scallops, green apple and celery mousseline
Dessert – Red fruits panna cotta

Starter – Crudités and quail egg lollypop
Main dish – Chicken nuggets, potato bonbon and mange-tout
Dessert – Red fruits iced souffle, orange blossom crisp



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