December 27, 2015

3 steps to making your London buffet a culinary success

Catering standards in London are high both ethically and in terms of the quality of presentation and taste. Maintaining or superseding such standards shouldn’t be a difficult task. Here we outline how to make your buffet in London a success.

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It is safe to say the bar has been set high for most things in London, but this does not ring truer than in catering for an event. London is a multicultural hub that prides itself on its open-mindedness, and that most certainly goes for food too. If you are looking to organise a buffet in London and don’t want to fall short of success, here are our top tips to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and that you exceed expectations.

Cater to all tastes without compromising on the running theme

Having been Western Europe’s largest city for centuries and being one of the most populous and ethnically diverse cities in the world, London is most certainly a capital of cuisine. When you are throwing a London buffet, keep in mind the spectrum of nationalities that reside there, the tastes that accompany them and how that can influence your guests’ reception of your buffet. Make your buffet a triumph by catering to all tastes by working with an expert caterer who can produce creative fusions of world cuisines. This can be both a way of catering to the tastes of all present and introducing flavour combinations inspired by their respective cultures, which is an interesting way of catalysing conversation at your London buffet.

Source produce that is of utmost quality and ethically responsible

Just as catering to London’s palate in terms of cuisine was important, sourcing produce that is of utmost quality while at the same time being ethnically responsible has never been more important and a lack of responsibility on this front will be sure to leave a sour taste in the mouthes of certain guests. Be firm with your buffet caterers in London, there is no reason why produce should not be fresh, humanely sourced and sustainable. Guests may be willing to concede on certain cuisines they are not accustomed to, but asking them to compromise on their morals or ethical principles is perhaps a step too far, so be sure to work with a caterer that has experience in responsible catering!

Presentation is key and form should compliment function

Presentation standards are important wherever you throw a buffet, this much has always been certain. However, London is a place that puts ever more significance on presentation. This is as much true for our work as for our wardrobe in England’s capital and when you are entertaining guests in London, there is no exception in your buffet! There are many ways you can incorporate your theme into the presentation of your work to ensure that your buffet is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds. Work with your expert caterer, so that the food’s form compliments its function of wowing your guests and providing ample material for conversation at your London buffet. For other original ideas for your buffet, take a look at our article on throwing an original buffet or take a look at some of the La Belle Assiette buffets on offer in London.

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