June 21, 2015

228th validated chef – Richard Gatehouse

Congratulations to chef Richard Gatehouse the 228th La Belle Assiette chef to be validated by the jury!

Richard Gatehouse

Chef Richard Gatehouse is our 228th validated chef. His validation dinner took place on Thursday 28th May in Essex.

For this validation dinner, La Belle Assiette invited 6 guests to take part as the jury. Their role is to experience a private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef. Three wonderful bloggers based in Essex attended along with their other halves, Penny from A Penny For Them, Nicki from Nicki Kinickie and Haydy from Squibb Vicious who hosted the dinner. 

Richard Gatehouse

Richard Gatehouse


Richard Gatehouse
Chef Richard Gatehouse caters for every occasion; Weddings, Birthday Parties, Christenings, Corporate Functions, Special Occasions and more. Based in Essex, his main business interests are generally in and around this area as well as London and the City. He is focused on providing his services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and he will do everything we can to meet your expectations and more.


Amuse Bouche

Scallops with lime puree

Richard Gatehouse

Gazpacho shot

Richard GatehouseRichard Gatehouse

Asparagus three ways with quails eggs & pink grapefruit hollandaise

Richard Gatehouse
Main Course

Seared Sea bass, aromatic couscous with spicy pepper, chorizo & black olives

Richard Gatehouse

Assorted lemon treats

Richard Gatehouse

Richard Gatehouse


 Here are some reviews left by the members of the jury:

« Such a wonderful evening! Richard was friendly, professional and created some of the most incredible food I have ever eaten. His working method was extremely well configured and the kitchen was left very neat and tidy. I would recommend Richard to anybody! » P. Fordham

« We had an amazing evening and delicious meal thanks to Richard. He was friendly, professional and most importantly provided four yummy courses that I could have easily eaten all over again once I was finished! Before we had even left the table the kitchen looked as if he hadn’t even been there. Great evening and great food! Thank you. » N. Knickie

« Richard was amazing! He took time to explain all of our courses, was really welcoming and I can’t wait to book him again! The food was better than a lot of restaurants I have eaten in and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him highly to everyone I know! » H. Squibb


Chef Richard Gatehouse created a truly wonderful evening for the guests. He was charming yet professional and created dishes that not only delighted the taste buds but were presented with great care and attention to detail. Every plate was left clean and with the guests wanting more. The asparagus was outstanding, Richard used an ingredient that all the guests have had before and made it into something truly different and special! The whole evening was perfect from start to finish and this was down to Richards ability to produce wonderful meals whilst charming the guests with his wonderful personality. Therefore, the chef is labelled “validated by the jury”. Congratulations!

If you would like to be part of our jury and be informed of the next scheduled validation dinners, click here

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