December 28, 2018

2018: Reflection & New Beginnings

A reflection on the highlights of 2018 for La Belle Assiette

Past, Present, Future

La Belle Assiette had ambitious aims for 2018. We were determined to close the highest number of yearly bookings so far. Thanks to the hard work of our chefs and the LBA team, this goal was surpassed with over 50,000 diners who have enjoyed a La Belle Assiette experience. LBA also secured the ability to offer our service in new locations across the UK.

July brought a moment of reflection for La Belle Assiette, as we decided to part ways with sister company GoCater. This move has given us more autonomy, allowing us to re-evaluate our focus and return to the roots of La Belle Assiette: the private chef market.

With new CEO Mathieu Roubaud leading a passionate team, the future for La Belle Assiette has never looked so exciting. With the possibility of wider international expansion and new experiences on offer, the horizons are looking bright for 2019.

Bringing Excellence

The La Belle Assiette motto ‘love entertaining’ could of course not be achieved without the hard-working LBA team, our talented chefs, and wonderful clients. A special thanks to all the LBA team who have worked tirelessly throughout the year.

If you have organised an event with us this year, undoubtedly you will have spoken to one of Sam, Gianluca, Evelyn, Elise, Lucy, Yvie, Tosin, Larisa, Samantha, Molly, or Emily. A big thanks also to those working behind the scenes: Anaïs, Antoine, and Grégoire – merci! 

A big welcome in particular to our new chefs. Their skills are put to the test during a validation dinner. They are assessed by a jury, then assigned particular menu ranges according to their skillset. Our constantly expanding community means that we have even more menus and experiences to offer. The passion and determination of our chefs is what drives La Belle Assiette and this industry forward.

The Fact of the Matter is

In 2018, the La Belle Assiette team has…

  • made 25,000 outbound calls
  • spent 1200 hours on the phone, to help organise all our clients’ events
  • achieved a 9.7/10 score on Trustpilot
  • on-boarded 129 new chefs
  • received 5200 requests
  • served 50,000 happy guests

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2019. Don’t hesitate to book a chef for your 2019 events!


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