April 19, 2015

159th Validated chef – Adalberto Battaglia

Congratulations to chef Adalberto Battaglia the 159th La Belle Assiette chef to be validated by the jury!

Chef Adalberto Battaglia is our 159th validated chef. His validation dinner took place on Wednesday 25th March in London.

As with every validation dinner, La Belle Assiette invited 8 guests to take part as the jury. Their role is to experience a private chef dining experience and evaluate the menu prepared by the chef.


Adalberto Battaglia aka Adha is passionate about innovative Roman style cooking. Matching his big portions is Adha’s big personality-his love of food spilling over on to the floor in his hosting skills. Adha’s adventure in Nose to Tail dining found its London home in a restaurant, Quinto/Quarto in St John Street. With Adha as owner and head chef, customers were treated to homely comfort food classics and Italian Sunday roasts. The restaurant soon gained great reviews and a full bookings diary. When it closed, Adha knew that there was still a place for this style of dining amongst the hungry Londoners. Adha’s earlier career includes working with Jamie Oliver, Stefano Cavallini and Marco Pierre White at the notorious Quo Vadis, plus cooking for musicians and movie stars in Soho. His passion, his humour and of course his gnocchi will mean you have a night to remember!



Ox-tongue chilli & garlic sauce

Adalberto Battaglia


Penne with oxtail ragu and cocoa powder twist

Adalberto Battaglia


Lamb shank in white wine sauce and mixed leaves

Adalberto Battaglia
Adalberto Battaglia

Chocolate Marchesina

Adalberto Battaglia


Adalberto Battaglia

Here are some reviews left by the members of our jury:

 « Delicious, original food and excellent service. Easily the best meat I’ve ever eaten. So filling we could hardly move :) » K. Kaczmarczyk

« Chef Adalberto provided us with one excellent and tasty four course meal and his warmth and charm made it a night and experience to remember. Who would have known that ox-tongue would be so delicious and tender. His slow cooked meats were all excellent and tender and the flavours were exceptional. The chocolate marchesina was a little too rich for someone who doesn’t have an overly sweet tooth. Overall, he definitely passes the test and those who choose him will unlikely to be disappointed. » C. Shia 

« The Chef offers a very interesting menu including a variety of uncommon meats such as ox-tongue or oxtail. The meat was cooked perfectly as a result it was juicy, tender and almost melted in the mouth. » R. Bui. 

« A brilliant evening with fantastic food and service. The ox-tongue and lamb shank were incredibly tender and the sauces were bright and zingy. The courses complemented each other very well and the chocolate dessert rounded off the meal nicely. Adalberto was very friendly and enthusiastic- he transported us to Italy for the evening! Would thoroughly recommend! » E. Robbins

« Amazing finish, the meat was melting in my mouth and the sauces where dancing in my taste buds. Exceptional, I will strongly recommend the ox-tongue. » C. LLopis


Chef Adalberto Battaglia provided the jury with a memorable evening. Adha’s passion for Roman style cooking was evident and the jury appreciated learning about the history and inspiration of the dishes. Adha took unexpected ingredients and turned them into dishes full of flavour. The 12 hour slow cooked ox tail ragu was a highlight for many of the guests. Adhas big personality fitted the evening perfectly, interacting with the guests, sharing recipes and cooking tips. Adalberto is a talented chef who creates inspiring dishes out of interesting ingredients where the flavours compliment each other, he is extremely personable and professional and would provide anyone with a great chef at home experience. Therefore, the chef is labelled “validated by the jury.” Congratulations!

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