May 13, 2015

15 commitments to our chefs

Our promises to La Belle Assiette chefs to guarantee successful partnerships.

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Since day one, La Belle Assiette has been committed to maintaining the highest quality approach towards our chefs and our customers.

We practice this every day.

Here are 15 commitments we’ve made to ensure confidence in our collaboration with our chefs.

  • We are actively creating a new market.

La Belle Assiette was motivated by a simple idea: to create a new market around the huge potential offered by the community of independent chefs in the UK and around the world.

  1. Every day we work to create this market and educate those unfamiliar with the concept, through our actions and our communications.
  2. We take every effort to reach the greatest number of people and tell them about our service.
  3. We demonstrate that the private chef service offers the highest quality, with price points to suit every budget.


  • We are always at your service and are constantly evolving.

Since La Belle Assiette is based on an online platform, it must be always operational and regularly updated with new features.

  1. We are committed to maintaining a stable platform and thus providing constant online visibility for our chefs.
  2. We continuously study user behaviour to inform the design of new features and enhance the platform.
  3. We facilitate the admin side of the chef business, with a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, and on-demand service for chefs. This is, and will remain, an innovative tool, serving as a reference for the industry.


  • We provide competent support whenever you need it.

La Belle Assiette provides you with your own affordable and professional team.

  1. We are available by phone 24/7. If an emergency occurs, the team is always at your disposal.
  2. We answer all your questions regarding private chef obligations and related administrative duties.
  3. Your own chef account manager will be assigned to you when you register.


  • We maintain a gold standard label: “validated by the jury.”

To maintain our high-quality reputation and that of our chefs, La Belle Assiette organise validation dinners to assess recently registered chefs on the platform.

  1. We ensure the impartiality of the jury by inviting people from all backgrounds, including bloggers, journalists, restaurateurs, and foodies who are simply interested in our service.
  2. We will fund your validation dinner when you register.
  3. We promise to treat each of these dinners with the same care and attention so that there’s no room for impartiality or inconsistency when it comes to judging.


  • We are just as invested in growing your business as you are.

To ensure your success and that of our service, the La Belle Assiette team work to grow your business.

  1. We focus our efforts on the development of your business with La Belle Assiette through communications, events, demonstrations, and partnerships.
  2. We communicate about your expertise and talent, giving credibility to our brand and the service that we’re able to offer thanks to you.
  3. We provide you with advice tailored to your particular business needs.


With these 15 promises, La Belle Assiette looks forward to a continued constructive partnership with all of its chefs!

Thanks from the entire team for your putting your confidence in us.



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