November 28, 2014

129th Validated Chefs by the Jury – Francesco & Marco

Congratulations to Francesco & Marco, 129th Chefs La Belle Assiette to be validated by the Jury.

Francesco and Marco are our 129th Validated Chef by the Jury. Their Validation Dinner took place in London, on Saturday, 26th of October. 

As for each Validation Dinner, La Belle Assiette gave the opportunity to 8 guests, providing a jury, participate and evaluate the menu prepared by the Chef.


francesco marcoFrancesco and Marco Cameli are two young chefs with Italian origins, lovers of food made by the best of the ingredients available in the global market, their approach to the kitchen is a mix of researches and traditionalism that allow him to deconstruct traditional both Italian and French recipes and create dishes that give to the human senses fantastic experiences. They started to be passionate of the culinary world since the youngest age when was always Looking a their grandmother cooking. After attending the “Grand Diplôme” at le Cordon Bleu in London Francesco started to work at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen but thanks one of his friend he discovered the world of the private chef and left the restaurant job to Give all of himself to the private with Marco, one of his school colleagues. Now after years of experiences in Catering they can organize amazing dinner parties or canapé with the highest standard of customer service.



Squash and truffle oil soup
francesco marco


Hand picked Crab with apple and avocado
francesco marco


Main course
Wild mushrooms risotto
francesco marco


Sea Bass fillet, jerusalem artichokes, crispy parma ham and white wine sauce
francesco marco


Pear, ricotta and dark chocolate cake
francesco marco


Here are some reviews let by the members of our Jury: 

« I really enjoyed the crab salad as it was beautifully fresh & tasty. The fish was really well cooked and paired well with the sweet tomatoes and the delicious artichoke puree. The plate was a little cold, but this is understandable given the limitations of the kitchen in the flat. The dessert was wonderful. I thought the soup was a little floury and the risotto could have done with more seasoning, but overall the quality of the food was very good. Overall it is a 3.75/5 for me. » – Cassie Y.

« Well-executed food; simple yet effective dishes and came at a great pace (not too rushed or too late). The 5 courses filled me up, and that is always a great thing ;) Some items could have used more staple ingredients (salt, pepper, etc.) but I enjoyed the entire experience. Recommended. » – Travis L.

« An interesting and delicious menu, the leek and potato soup with saffron and truffle oil was a perfect starter for the cold and rainy night. Everything was expertly cooked and it was a really fun evening! » – Denise M.

« Francesco and Marco were pleasant and friendly, and created some excellent dishes. » – Vic A.


Chefs Francesco & Marco are a young duo that seems to work very well. Through an inventive and colorful cuisine, our Chefs offered delicious and perfectly seasoned dishes. Their attitude is very professional. They are very friendly and organised too which was very appreciated by our Jury. They proposed a beautifully designed menu from starters to delightful dessert. Their cuisine is both refined and generous, influenced by Italian food. They are the kind of Chefs you want in your kitchen! Thus, the Chef is labeled “Chef validated by the Jury.” Congratulations

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