April 17, 2015

11 (very serious) reasons to book a La Belle Assiette private chef

It’s so easy to book a private chef with La Belle Assiette. Here are eleven reasons you should go for it. As if you needed convincing...

la belle assiette

#1 –  Enjoy the experience of entertaining at home with YOUR choice of music and decor.

dining table

That annoying restaurant playlist on repeat, and the marital problems of the couple on the next table? Gone

#2 – Because, let’s face it, you’re not the world’s greatest cook.


When you spend an eternity preparing a Sunday roast and, despite your best efforts, it ends up so burnt it could be mistaken for charcoal… it’s just not worth the disappointment and frustration.

#3 – You can drink the wine of your choosing without having to remortgage your house.


Wine at £100 a bottle? That’s going to leave quite a bitter aftertaste.

#4 – Be able to actually hear what your friends are saying, without fighting the roar of a busy restaurant. 


Because answering “yes!” when asked what you did with your weekend is a little embarrassing.

#5 – There’s no need to budget an equal amount for the meal and the babysitter. 


Don’t put yourself in the position of having to choose between dessert and your child’s welfare. That chocolate ganache tarte looks too delicious.

#6 – Forget about worrying where you’re going to park and how much it will cost. 


No one likes to end a lovely evening chasing their car as it’s being towed.

#7 – Get some use from all those high-tech gizmos you have crammed into your kitchen.


Because since you threw away the manuals you’ve not dared to touch them.

#8 – Witness the miracle of a spotless kitchen at 11pm.


“Leave everything where it is, we’ll do the dishes tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

#9 – Get tips and tricks directly from the chef.


Because there’s still time to learn how to use a piping bag.

#10 – Be awed by incredible dishes prepared right before your eyes.


If just looking at a cheese souffle makes you tired, our chefs are there for you.

#11 – Behold a fridge full of neatly-packed leftovers!


If friends pop over the next day you can offer them something other than cold pizza.



Convinced? Leave your own reasons in the comments below and share with your friends.

If you want to put this list to the test you can book your chef here!

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  1. Jenny S

    Because I am a little bit lazy it would be fab to entertain at home, have somebody else do all the planning, thinking, cooking and then the washing up. I wish I could afford to do this every time we want to entertain.

  2. Sally Kilner

    I can cook, actually really quite well and now the pressure to create something brilliant is too much and I’ve stopped inviting anyone round in case I fail miserably! So yes some tips and yes the chance to relax..absolute utter bliss, (Can the chef use an Aga? panic we have an electric cooker too!)

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