November 21, 2016

Important criteria to keep in mind when selecting a function room to invite your clients and partners

What things should you keep in mind when selecting a function room?

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If you’re looking to organise a professional event to bring together your clients and colleagues, before you select a function room, it’s important to define the type of event you’re hoping to pull off, its intention, its location and its look and feel as well as all of the included services and the overall budget. La Belle Assiette has recapped all of the important criteria to take into account so you are sure to choose a function room suitable to your needs, wants and expectations.

1. A place suitable to your needs

Before everything else, you should have an idea of the number of guests you’re expecting. This will allow you to make an initial selection based on the capacity of the function rooms available. If you’re counting on inviting more than 200 people, certain function rooms will be unable to accommodate such numbers. Conversely, if you’re opting for a tight-knit event, it’s important to avoid selecting a reception room that’s void of character and intimacy.

2. A particular venue

The venue must also be able to appeal to both yourself and your guests. Do your research according to the most important criteria. For example, a garden, a view onto water, a castle, a glass canopy, a terrace, etc. There are many variants of the function room: several storied lofts, chalets, a restaurant with a terrace and panoramic view onto the city, a reception boat or even country properties. There’s nothing like a view of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster to leave your invitees in awe.

3. A good geographic location

The geographic location of your function room is absolutely crucial. If you’re inviting clients and partners from different parts of the country, it’s important to opt for a location that is easy to access (via communal transport and including parking spaces for cars). We, therefore, advise you to choose a function room which is central to all of your invitees, or else choose a venue well worth the detour!

4. Supplementary services

Certain function rooms offer services beyond simple leasing of the venue. Some function room hiring companies have in-house service providers and offer turnkey solutions so you can avoid having to plan everything yourself. Depending on the vibe you’re looking to pull off, you can reserve DJs, hosts, presenters and photographers as well as caterers, furnishers and technical equipment providers (sound systems, for example).

5. A price in line with your budget

Yes, the price is a critical detail! On the internet, offers on function rooms are everywhere to be seen; you won’t be short for choice. So as to not make a poor decision, it’s crucial that you shop around before settling for anything less than a bargain. You may have already fallen for a room, but there’s no harm in checking the price of similar function rooms. Keep an eye out for the following criteria: area, location, included services, etc.

Once your function room has been found, don’t hesitate to give one of our talented chefs at La Belle Assiette a call to organise your bespoke culinary offering for your guests.

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